April 20, 2023

On April 15th, 2023, at the company's headquarters, Viteccons successfully organized the First Quarter Production and Business Review Conference for the year 2023. With the participation of the Board of Directors and middle-level managers, the conference was held in a lively atmosphere with many discussions and contributions aimed at improving the effectiveness of the company's business operations. 

At the conference, Mr. Phan Huy Vĩnh - the CEO, shared the achievements that Viteccons had attained in the first Quarter  - 2023, as well as the overall analysis of the challenges from the market that have occurred and will continue to occur throughout the year 2023. Accordingly, the plans for the next quarters need to be implemented and tightly controlled to flexibly respond to general changes in the market.

Mr. Phan Huy Vinh - General Director of Viteccons

At the same time, Mr. Đỗ Ngọc Tuấn - the Chairman of the company's Board of Directors also emphasized that "If Viteccons wants to continue to achieve its business goals in 2023, it requires the company's employees to continue to strive harder, increase their spirit of unity, follow the system, constantly learn new technical technologies to have optimal solutions for the economic benefits of projects and investors..."

Mr. Do Ngoc Tuan - The Chairman of Viteccons

In the enthusiastic atmosphere, the Heads of Departments, Site Managers, and Project Directors also gave positive and proactive opinions on implementing plans for the following quarters. With information on successful bidding, starting in March-April 2023, such as the Phu Tai Central Life High-End Apartment Project, the Lotes Vietnam Electronic Component Production Plant Project - Phase 02, the Ready Built Factory (RBF) development project - Phase 3 on a 13-hectare land area of the NT2 project, all Viteccons employees are excitedly continuing to strive to complete their work well and improve their professional qualifications to contribute to the development of the Viteccons brand in the Vietnamese construction industry.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Van - Head of HR team - HRA Department

Mr. Mai Huy Sang - Head of the Legal and System Department.

Viteccons' leadership team highly appreciates the efforts and dedication of all employees in maintaining stable business operations in the face of a challenging market. It is the spirit of unity, enthusiasm, creativity, and professionalism of Viteccons employees that will be important factors for the company to continue to achieve new achievements in the following quarters along with the sustainable development of the company.