March 14, 2023

On the morning of March 9, 2023, VITECCONS held a discussion session on "Land Flooring using Dramix steel fibers Concrete", chaired by the Technical Department and with the participation of Viet Construction Solution Co., Ltd, a unit specializing in the construction of fiber reinforced concrete floors, and Bekaert Company (Belgium), a fiber steel supplier.

Mr. Ben Vanheuverzwijn - Representative of Bekaert Company in Southeast Asia

With the aim of conveying the latest knowledge on the application of steel fiber reinforced concrete floors for construction projects, especially industrial ones, and optimal solutions related to floor design and construction using Dramix steel fibers, the discussion session attracted the participation of Project Directors and a large number of employees from the Technical Department, Tender Department, and Financial Control Board.

At the discussion, Mr. Ben Vanheuverzwijn - representative of Bekaert Company in Southeast Asia shared the research process, production and technical characteristics of Dramix fiber steel. In addition, the construction unit of fiber-reinforced concrete floors - Viet Construction Solution Co., Ltd. also shared experience in constructing Dramix reinforced concrete floors to achieve optimal efficiency in construction projects.

The discussion was considered a success and provided significant value. Project Directors and departments, along with Viteccons employees, gained a deeper understanding of the latest advancements in the application of Dramix steel fiber reinforced concrete floors in construction projects, as well as insights into the design and construction process from a specialized construction unit. It is believed that this valuable knowledge will contribute to Viteccons' growth in future construction projects.